About Me

Hello Roomates, 

Grab your martini, and take a walk into my shoes, as we embark on this AMAZING journey into my world. By the way they're Jimmy Choo’s and you’ll LOVE it (not really but it sounded nice)!! 

My name is Ebony (alias: EbonyWeLove on IG), and I have created this blog for entertainment and hobby purposes only. I always find myself day in and day out, browsing different websites/and blog sites looking at fashion, different styles, watching/reading HGTV, Youtube tutorials on Photoshop elements, bloggers Instagram accounts, experimenting with PAINT, and pinning my life away on Pinterest (side note: I spray painted my Christmas tree black this holiday, it was so cool). As I digress, what was I saying?? Oh yeah, anything pertaining to fashion or home decor always seems to draw me closer. Moreover, I've always thought the two worlds went hand in hand. I must say I'm a "self-proclaim" fashionista and your "swagger" should match your "home style" as well. Therefore, I came up with the name "The Vogue Room Experiment"-- merging interior design with fashion. My blog is a one stop shop for home styling, event planning/preparation, DIY projects, basically anything crafty I will touch base. Please remember, I'm far from an English guru, therefore this blog is geared towards my thoughts and interests. I'm not an expert by any means. And if I use incorrect grammar please don't kill me.

I'm pretty much a geek by day (IT professional) and sometimes by night. I attended North Carolina Central University where I obtained my Masters in Information Science and Bachelors in Computer Information Systems. I've been working from home the past couple of years, and feel as if creating this blog will allow me to challenge the inner creative inside of me. Ok, I've babbled enough, hope you enjoy what I will be sharing with you. 

Love, Peace, & Positive Energy 



  1. Loved reading your about you post! I'll let you know if I run across those boots!


    1. And I'm sooo serious (please do) lol. I followed you back!

  2. Can't wait for more posts! I love it already!